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Please Click Here for a print version of the handling notes for copepods.

Handling notes for Acartia and Tisbe copepods

On arrival measure water quality parameters and record observations on condition of stock on our datasheet / delivery note.

The bottles were chilled to 10oC prior to despatch and should  arrive cool.

This is simply achieved with a glass tube fed from an 'aquarium type' pump to give single bubbles of air. 

(1)  If you have any doubt about the quality of your seawater, consider ordering some from us.  This will not necessarily be better quality but at least it is the same as the animals have been cultured and transported in.
(2)  To maintain algae culture for up to 48 hours pour into glass flask and aerate vigorously and keep at 15-20oC. 


(3)  see ISO 1994 'Determination of acute lethal toxicity to marine copepods' .  Feeding table is reproduced as table 8A.2 in WRc /NRA R&D Note 322 manual

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